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Non profits and influence (con’t)

2005 November 28
by Mitch Arnowitz

We’re still knee deep in research for a non-profit client… I’m using these posts to sort of document pointers (if not the process). I’ve broken our issue based research up into the following buckets:
News, Press Release Sites- Topix for news, tagging press releases through news search engines. For PR Newswire, try searching like this: [“keyword here”] source:pr_newswire__press_release_ . I believe that I picked this tip up from ResearchBuzz.
RSS Directories- like NewsIsFree.
Blog Directories
[tagging] services like Furl.

We’re also trying some other things like Talk Digger to track conversations. I also stumbled across Board Reader, a good way to track message board conversations.
As always, we discovered that the more you refine searches, the better the results will be!

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