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Social media: how do YOU gauge success?

2009 July 7
by Mitch Arnowitz

The following discussion was recently posted to the AdMarketing list. You can follow the thread here.
There, of course, has been much written about social media metrics. The topic has come up lately with a couple of our clients. Following are the metrics or measurements that we use. I know what the experts say but am more interested in your opinions.
How do you define social media success? What measurements do you use? Can you add to or revise this list?

– Actual leads, donations, registrations or, whatever the call is. These are tracked by source or promo codes.
– ‘Buzz’, excitement, awareness, education- we do a lot of events so this can be tracked by Tweetups, exhibitor and attendee feedback.
– Traction in social networks (Ning, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc): discussions, friends, followers…
– Website traffic (Google Analytics, Webtrends, etc)
– What else? Thanks, Mitch

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