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1105 FOSE Meet-Up: Cybersecurity, Cloud Technology and Social Media

2013 May 21

We participated in a great onsite meeting at FOSE 2013 with top notch leaders in the information technology community. This guest post from CTOVision recaps the insights and discussions on the importance of cybersecurity, cloud technology and social media. The original posting of this blog can be found here.

1105 FOSE Meet-Up: Cybersecurity, Cloud Technology and Social Media

Guest post from CTO Vision

1105 Media Group, organizers of the FOSE and GovSec Conferences & Expos, hosted an FOSE 2013 Blogger & Speaker Meet-up on Wednesday, May 15 at FOSE.

I always look forward to the blogger meetups at events, because they offer a chance to get some visibility on other tracks or key points you’ve missed. It was a varied group. We had folks from all walks of life who work in the cyber realm, and the breadth of experience added to the conversation.

This meet-up included influencers, Ajay Budhraja, Chief Technology Officer, EOIR at the United States Department of Justice, Gadi Ben-Yehuda, Director of Innovation and Social Media for  IBM  Center for The Business of Government, Andrew Scott, Social Media Coordinator at Carahsoft Technology Corp.  Paul DeSoza, CEO of  CSFI, Sayngeun Phouamkha, VP of Business Development at  CSFI. Lindy Kyzer, Editor at  Clearance Jobs,  Erik Johnson from DC Gov and Michael Russell .

Right now the federal government is going through an incredible IT transformation. They are moving from IT as a way of getting work done, into IT as a strategic asset for business. The federal government is adopting today’s trends; mobility, agility and open APIs that are opening up federal IT and making it more functional and delivering more to our citizens.

Much of the talk focused on open data and data access. We talked extensively about the increasing amount of noise in the ether. From the deluge of tweets, to the host of open data released by governments it is becoming harder and harder to identify the signal. Paul De Souza of CSFI has created an open-source intelligence operating center for the CSFI that uses Silobreaker to create their own operating picture, and to create their own intelligence products. They also use the TVEyes capability to monitor TV streams from their smart devices, increasing their awareness of what discussions are occurring in the world.

We also discussed how data is driving government, and see OSINT and other capabilities de-silo’ing the data. However, this led into the conversation of how the government can lessen the impact of social media providing valuable OSINT to our adversaries. Ajay brought up the importance of cloud data, policy and accessibility. While some organizations have social media policies, a government-wide policy that clearly states social media policies could be beneficial. parental blocker Limited access to social media could also benefit the government and limit exposure. While social media can be a great asset to the citizenship of the country, we must be cautious that it does not endanger those citizens.

To access the full program agenda and find out about FOSE 2014, visit


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