Case Studies

1105 Government Information Group

Tuvel implemented social media outreach programs for FOSE, GovSec and U.S. Law for its 2009-2011 annual conferences. 2009 showed FOSE and GovSec verified increases of 13% and 28% (respectively) and in 2011, GovSec achieved a total reach of 200,000+ people through social media channels as a result of outreach to influencers in cyber security, law enforcement and homeland security segments.

American Heart Association

Tuvel reached more than 150,000 supporters through coordinated and targeted grassroots efforts that increased the number of grassroots advocates in the AHA network by 25 percent. As a result, phone calls, e-mails and signatures to Congress tripled from 5,038 in 2002 to 14,158 in 2003.


Tuvel developed communication products and programs that let Apptix send the same message to its direct and indirect customers. The company database has grown nine-fold over one year. Newsletters are yielding a 30-percent open rate and 10-percent click-through rate.


Tuvel was responsible for delivering 50% of the traffic to the business briefing at less than half the cost of more traditional marketing methods. The event was the client’s best-attended North American briefing to date: over 65% of those who registered on the website attended the event.

British Midlands

Tuvel Communications created the British Midlands Relationship-Building Program—a turnkey e-mail communications solution that builds long-lasting relationships with contacts. The client's metrics for success focus on jobs creation. To date, the program has produced 100 jobs over the next five years.

Center for Environmental Innovation and Leadership (CEIL)/GOVgreen

Tuvel executed a campaign to enhance awareness of CEIL and its programs, as well as drive traffic to its 2010 GOVgreen Conference. The efforts reached more than 160,000 people through social media outlets. Relationships were developed in the federal market and sustainability sector helping to make the website launch and event a resounding success.

CreateAThon 2005

Tuvel created and executed an Internet grassroots campaign for CreateAThon™; Washington, DC's premier non-profit design event. The viral marketing efforts produced a 25-percent response rate. The pass-along rate increased by 300 percent, and application downloads increased from 70 in the previous year to 130 in 2005.

Every Child Matters

Tuvel created a database of 1,000 individuals and organizations to support Every Child Matter's need for Internet-based fundraising, viral marketing and list building to mobilize more than 1 million underserved voters in the 2004 Presidential Election.

Greater Baltimore Tech Council

Tuvel viral marketing increased Greater Baltimore Technology Council's pass along rate by 50% and grew website traffic by 30%. Tuvel email marketing efforts produced a 15% response rate and ensured a sell out event for GBTC. 

Consulate General of Republic of Korea

Tuvel Communications, on behalf of the Korean Consulate General, developed an online media campaign that built relationships with 56 key influencers and reached more than 675,000 potential new advocates. The East Sea naming campaign produced an 18% response rate, compared to an average of 7.5% for similar advocacy efforts.

National Association of Broadcasters

Tuvel's social media campaigns have delivered over 100% ROI and a verifiable increases in attendance for the 2009-2011 NAB Shows. In 2011 alone, Tuvel surpassed registration goals by 250%, increased overall reach by 50% and delivered 3% of NAB Show attendees in segments such as online video, post production, broadband and telepresence.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Tuvel Communications created and executed a social media campaign for the Vulnerable Populations Portfolio. A database of 350 social networkers produced 72 links and references to the “Rethinking Mental Health” Competition. The campaign garnished a 20.5% response.

Share Our Strength

Tuvel created a compelling social media strategy for Share Our Strength’s first text donation campaign. The effort doubled Share Our Strength’s list of Twitter followers and increased overall website traffic and online donations while achieving 35% response rate in blogger outreach.

Tech Council of Maryland

Tuvel executed a social media campaign that killed the 2007 Maryland Computer Services Sales Tax. Thanks to social media networking, hundreds of people attended the Tech Council of Maryland rallies, where other groups routinely got 50 or fewer protestors.


Tuvel developed an online communications strategy that positioned TEOCO as the expert in telecom carrier cost management and revenue assurance, increased exposure for the BillTrak Pro product, and built relationships with prospective customers.

Morino Institute Netpreneur Program

Mitch Arnowitz was part of the founding team of the Netpreneur Program and a key architect of its highly respected online communications strategy. His efforts helped build the tech entrepreneurial community in the Greater Washington, DC Region.

Venture Philanthropy Partners

Tuvel contributed to an integrated marketing campaign resulting in over 70 organizations linking to an e-Philanthropy report or featuring the report in a newsletter, blog, citation, or resource listing.