How Tuvel Helps Organizations

Tuvel Communications locates, communicates and mobilizes supporters. Through our efforts, organizations have been able to break through marketing clutter and increase fundraising efforts, build membership, increase the size and quality of databases, get closer to their constituents, mobilize support for issues and candidates, and enhance the value of their reputation!

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  • We find the online channels that your constituents use and trust for information and advice.
  • The Internet is filled with thousands of discussion groups, websites, blogs, and forums. Finding and accessing those channels is extremely time consuming and difficult. At Tuvel Communications, we know how to work our way through the maze to find the right channels for you.


  • We develop online communications and marketing strategies that get people talking about your organization, issue or cause. Our online strategies are integrated with existing online, print, broadcast, cable and other marketing communications and public relations efforts to achieve maximum impact.
  • We create online campaigns that enable organizations to reach out to new audiences.
  • We understand the unique "rules of engagement" on the Internet and develop online campaigns that make an impact and that are not viewed as Spam.
  • We teach organizations do's and don'ts of successful online marketing, preventing them from making mistakes that could damage their reputation.


  • Our campaigns turn stakeholders into evangelists for your cause or issue.
  • Each carefully crafted campaign is designed to compel your existing supporters to spread the word about you to colleagues, friends and family. Through our efforts, organizations and individuals have been able to turn out voters, raise money, increase membership and change minds.


Current and past clients include:

  • American Heart Association
  • The Morino Institute
  • Northern Virginia Community College


Our efforts and counsel have helped organizations and institutions:

  • Build membership
  • Increase the size and quality of databases
  • Get closer to their constituents
  • Mobilize support for issues and candidates
  • Enhance the value of their reputation