Online Communications Planning

Let Tuvel Communications put your message in front of the right people!


  • Create a communications strategy that identifies prospects and builds relationships with customers.
  • Create a marketing strategy that drives traffic and leverages best customers through word of mouth marketing.
  • Offer advice on building a house list of customers and prospects.
  • Offer online messaging ideas that are integrated with company marketing efforts.
  • Provide suggestions on integrating online communication efforts with overall company marketing goals.
  • Conduct company session on locating and engaging hard to reach customers.
  • Define company value proposition.
  • Identify likely audiences and sectors for your product, service, or mission.
  • Investigate online revenue streams (commerce, advertising, content).
  • Provide market research and competitive intelligence planning.
  • Provide suggestions on optimizing the search engines to work for your business.
  • Provide suggestions on website design, navigation, and information architecture.
  • Determine which tracking metrics and reporting make sense for your business.