Our Methodology

Through years of experience we've learned that adhering to a proven process produces successful campaigns.

Step 1 :: Articulate Goals and Objectives — We help you delineate achievable objectives for each campaign. By managing expectations, we ensure that the campaign is successful.

Step 2 :: Identify Audience — Once goals and objectives are determined, we get to work identifying specific groups of supporters and individuals for your campaign. We classify these groups by marketing channels such as discussion lists, newsletters, web forums, blogs, and websites.

Step 3 :: Validate Groups — Groups and individuals are then validated for overall effectiveness as message carriers. Criteria include marketing opportunity, activity, and relevance.

Step 4 :: Create Messages — We develop appropriate campaign messages based on the needs, make-up, and mode of communication for identified supporters. The message is then tested to determine the most appropriate formats for online dissemination.

Step 5 :: Execute Campaign — When the message is right, we roll out the campaign through tactics that include:

  • Engage in Internet discussions.
  • Encourage others to pass the word along.
  • Submit articles to newsletters.
  • Post banners and links on websites.

Step 6 :: Revise, Improve and Re-employ — As the campaign grows, we monitor results and revise messaging to increase campaign performance.

Step 7 :: Tracking and Reporting — We provide performance data and a post-campaign brief that includes recommendations, lessons learned, and guidance for future campaigns.