Social Media Marketing Services

Tuvel finds customers and prospects while building relationships through Internet social media outlets. We help harness excitement and create buzz for advocacy efforts, fundraising campaigns, sales and lead generation, awareness, and education. We use our proven methodology to enhance your business by uilding visibility and awareness in the exciting realm of social media. We save you the effort – we find the customers and supporters for you! Learn more about our social media campaigns here.

Tuvel Communications can help find customers for your product or service, and supporters for your cause or organization. Packages include one or any combination of the following programs. Contact us for information on how you can put a Tuvel Communications program to work for your company or organization.

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Research Only Research and Execution Social Networking

Research Only

In the realm of research, Tuvel Communications can:

  • Create a strategic plan that directs and determines program objectives and whom we look for and why we look for them.
  • Define social marketing channels, such as e-mail lists, web forums and user groups, that potential audiences frequent.
  • Locate and validate appropriate groups and influencers within each marketing channel and audience.
  • Build a contact database.
  • Define a social media landscape for your company or organization.
  • Identify issues that matter to your industry or constituency.
  • Enhance or provide brand management through social bookmarking, video and photo-sharing services.

Research and Execution

Tuvel Communications can combine research with program execution to:

  • Craft compelling messages that offer value while engaging and encouraging people to act.
  • Disseminate your message to bloggers and others in the contact database who are likely to pass along your message.
  • Create a social media voice and personality for your company or organization.
  • Respond to and resolve customer service issues.
  • Follow-up with contacts to build relationships, meet program objectives and drive traffic.
  • Create new media lists of supporters.
  • Provide reporting and analysis.

Social Networking and Community Building

The next level is to:

  • Create and manage social networking profiles.
  • Increased visibility in social networking portals like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Design fan and profile pages.
  • Provide ongoing improvement of your social networking profile through regular updates and related services.
  • Facilitate ongoing conversations and community-building activity while driving traffic.
  • Aggregate consumer generated content.
  • Create customer service feedback loop.
  • Provide reporting and analysis.