Viral Marketing Campaign

A Tuvel marketing campaign helps your company locate and engage hard to reach customers.

Locate Customers Through Research

  • Develop database of untapped audiences that help grow your business.
  • Identify marketing channels such as discussion groups, niche websites, and weblogs.
  • Conduct competitive analysis of market leaders in your field.

Develop Battle Plan and Strategy

  • Create list of internal and external requirements for campaign success (resources, websites).
  • Create strategic communication and marketing plans.
  • Develop recommended list of campaign tactics and tools.

Create Communications

  • Develop unique messages and value propositions for each audience and marketing channel.
  • Integrate communications with existing print, broadcast, and public relation efforts.

Drive Qualified Traffic

  • Distribute messages to groups through email lists, web forums, and weblogs.
  • Compile weekly ROI and tracking reports.
  • Develop post campaign brief that contains recommendations for future marketing efforts.
  • Create non-traditional media lists.